This page has general troubleshooting information for World Streaming.

Video Services

No Devices Detected / Wrong Device

If the video section reads "Permission Denied.", and Video device is "No Device / Unauthorized". See the instructions in the "No Devices" section for Audio below for how to grant access to the camera.

If Video device is incorrect - the device selected is missing, or wrong. you can change the default camera from Chrome's settings. See the section titled "Changing the Default Devices" below.

Audio Services

No Devices Detected / Wrong Device

Audio section reads "Permission Denied.", and Audio device is "No Device / Unauthorized".

This occurs if you have blocked permission to access the Microphone, or your system administrator has blocked this in your browser. To fix this, you may be able to click the 'Camera' in your address bar and manually grant permissions, for example:

Once you have done this, press 'F5' or refresh the page to retry access. If this still does not work, contact your system administrator for further help.

Changing the Default Devices

To change the default devices in Chrome, first open Chrome settings.

Then search for 'Camera' or 'Microphone' (depending on which device you wish to change)

From this section, you can then select a new default device

Refresh the 'World Streaming' page for these changes to take effect.

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