Multi-Person Animations

The process for setting up a multi-person gesture is the same as that for Gestures - Single Person Animation, BUT;


Enable the trigger in the Avatar Effect Script. Set the trigger radius to 4.

Users can initiate a two person gesture inworld with a visible circle around them.

Please note that no animation or other prop, audio file or VFX, will be launched on any individual's desktop until all the components of the gesture have arrived and can be launched collectively; guaranteeing that multi-user gestures play in sync for every participant and all other observers in the region.

Avatar Multi Animation Effect Script

Attach the Avatar Multi Animation Effect Script instead of the Avatar Effect Script;

Clip A / Clip B

Drag the animation takes from the fbx files for each of your two characters into these fields.

Clip A will play on the initiator of the gesture. Clip B will play on the recipient or guest.

Distance Apart

You can offset the characters here if you have not already defined the offset in via the root nodes of your models in your animation editing tool.

Fix Avatar Heights

If your gesture involves both characters engaging in a very prceise interaction, for instance shaking hands, you can align them using Fix Avatar Heights. Gestures played by tall and short avatars may not look correct otherwise.

Start Time

You can delay the initiation of the animations.

IK Targets

You can select one or more nodes on the avatars and impose an IK through the animation to correct for discrepancies in avatar sizes and shapes.

For more information on on FBX settings and setting up gestures;

Gestures - Single Person Animation

Virtual Goods Script

Fill out the product details in the Virtual Goods Script and submit your gesture to the staging server for review.

for more information on the Virtual Goods Script go here;

Virtual Goods

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