Viewer Basics
All about the basics of the Sinespace viewer

System Requirements

Please see our system requirements for desktop and VR here.


To see all of our setting options see Settings.


Here is an overview of our UI:
To edit your profile, change to full-screen or exit the viewer, click on the three lines in the top right of the viewer. For more info on each UI tab along the bottom of the screen, please see the following:

Moving Around

To move your avatar around, you will need to use these keys:
    W = Walk forward
    A= Walk Left
    S= Walk backward
    D= Walk right
You can fly using R to start flying and to fly higher, and use C to land, or use Pg Up and Pg Down and WASD to change direction. You can also enable the option to ’Click to Walk’ under Settings.

Shortcut Keys

    F1: Help
    F9: Toggle UI
    Ctrl+T: Toggle Chat
    Ctrl+F: Toggle Friends
    Ctrl+E: Toggle Explore
    Ctrl+H: Go Home
    Ctrl+Q: Toggle Quests (This shortcut may change)
    Ctrl+I: Toggle Inventory
    Ctrl+O: Toggle Outfit
    Ctrl+S: Toggle Shop
    Ctrl+U: Toggle Auction
    Ctrl+`: Toggle Snapshot Mode
    Ctrl+/: Toggle Settings
    Alt+Left/Right Arrow: Move Chat Tab
    F11: Toggle fullscreen
    F12: Show avatar profile
    Ctrl+M: Toggle Mail
    Ctrl+Space: Start a search
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