In addition to animations and camera paths, there are a number of other components you to can add to speciflc points on the the timeline of a gesture, allowing you to create sophisticated and complex multi-person performances that can be deployed instantly anywhere.


Props might include;

  • Furniture;

  • Weapons;

  • Costume accessories;

  • Particle effects;

  • Floating text;

  • Other complex compound objects, up to and including entire sets.

To add a prop to your gesture, add the "Create Object, Attach" component.

You can add as many separate props as you want, each with their own attachment points or location, and each with their own start and end times.

Drag the prop itself into the Object field.

Use Start Time and End Time fields to set when your prop spawns and despawns.

For single person gestures leave the Participant field as Initator.

For multi-person gestures you can select the Initiator or Recipient for each prop; so you can put a gun in both avatar's hands simultaneously, or set both their heads on fire...

Use the destination drop down to attach your prop to any bone on the skeleton of the avatar.

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