Create an empty game object in your scene, set it to location 0,0,0 and add the quest designer game component to it.

Click the reserve ID button in the inspector to assign a unique id to your quest.

Click to add a step and give the quest a name.

Quest type

  • Daily-users can play it once every day.

  • Main-users can play the quest only once.

  • Side-can only be triggered by another quest.

  • Activity-users can replay continually.

Quest ID

The quest ID is generated automatically when you click reserve.

Quest Dependency IDs

You can chain quests using dependency ID-Set the size to the number of quests that need to be completed before this quest is available. Then add the individual quest ID of each quest that must already be completed by the user.

This allows you to have multiple quests initiated by the same quest NPC, in series.

Reward ID

Add the curator ID for any virtual good item you have uploaded. You can get this from the virtual goods component attached to the object once it has been submitted, or from the item list in your account at

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