SDK Setup

How to install our SDK on Windows and Mac

Install a compatible version of Unity

To install our SDK you will need a compatible version of Unity, this can be obtained from After download a base install of Unity will be fine, no special features are required.

For production use we recommend 2018.4 or 2017.4 current releases.

Download the Sinespace Editor Pack

From inside a fresh Unity project click on the asset store tab, type Sinespace into the store search box and click on the Sinespace image. In the new window that appears click the blue download icon to start the download.

Install the Sinespace Editor Pack

When the download is completed the download button will change to a blue import button, click the import button to start the install. On the window that appears in the top left click import again, you do not need to deselect any of the packages in this window as our installer will determine the correct Editor Pack install.

The install will now begin, Unity may ask to restart during the installation this is normal and you can proceed by clicking the restart button. The next window to be displayed are the assets that are included with our Editor Pack, click the import button once again to continue the install.

Now that the install is completed you will notice two new folders in your assets named Sinespace and Spacepack, you will also see a new drop down menu called Sinespace. To complete the install you will need to select the Sinespace dropdown and click on install editor pack settings, this will install the graphical settings required by our editor pack.

Mac users will need to install our native Mac uploader, in the Sinespace drop down menu select tools/install/Native Mac uploader.

Sign in to the Editor Pack

In the Sinespace drop down menu select sign in, in the inspector on the right you will see a login panel, if you have previously signed up as a creator you can sign in using your username and password to complete the install.

Signing up for a creator account instructions below.

Signing up for a creator account

Creator sign up in the Editor Pack

In the Sinespace drop down menu select sign in, in the inspector located on the right click the create account button.

In the window that appears select a desired username, enter your email address and select male or female starter avatar, continue to fill out the form these details are not shared publicly. Once completed you can return to Unity and enter your username and password to start creating.

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