The avatar animation effect is used for choosing the gesture or animation you want to add, plus other settings for the animation.



Add the animation clip here


sets the participant to initiator or receiver

Start Time

Sets the starting time of the animation

Fix Avatar height

Force sets avatar height to standard


Click on Add Component under the Inspector window, and search for Animate Single Avatar.

You can chose whether the participant is an initiator or receiver.

Drag the animation taken from within your Animation fbx file into the Clip field.

You can use the start time to delay the start of the gesture.

If your gesture involves interaction with fixed position prop (e.g. a door handle) or with precise two person gestures (e.g. shaking hands) you may wish to tick Fix Avatar Height. This will set the user's avatar height to the standard height for avatars in Space.

For details, check how to set up an gesture and create a single animation.

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