How to change various settings in the viewer

There are quite a few settings you can change on the viewer; You can change Graphics, UI, Controls, Sound, Misc and VR. You can access the Settings from the Settings button on the login screen or from in-world via the Settings icon in the bottom right.


Under the Graphics settings you can choose from our graphics presets; Fastest, Fast, Medium or Quality. These are fast ways to adjust the overall graphics quality to suit your system.

We have also included Advanced Options, so you can adjust certain graphical components individually, such as Bloom, Depth of Field and Quality lighting. Disabling these can improve your framerate but at the cost of visual quality.


The UI settings allow you to change the size of the interface. You will need to restart the viewer for the scaling to take effect.

If you get stuck while resizing the interface, hold the left shift key at viewer startup to revert to default scale!


The control settings allow you to change certain control aspects like 'Click to walk' or 'Use Gamepad'.

You can also change the mouse sensitivity with the slider to change the look speed in-world.


Here you can change the volume for music, sound effects, voice volume and also change default devices like microphone, playback and webcam as well as the mic sensitivity.


Here you can clear cache, change the cache location and disable/enabled other options.

You can also change the framerate and toggle vSync on/off from here.


This is where you can enable VR, choose your preferred VR device, choose your dominant VR hand and change other options for VR.

Enabling or changing the VR device will require a viewer restart

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