Volumetric Light


Volumetric fog effect for multiple lights. Point, spot and directional lights are fully supported.

Volumetric shadows

Volumetric light cookies

Volumetric noise implemented as animated 3D texture.


Sample count - number of raymarching samples (trade quality for performance)

Scattering Coef - scattering coefficient controls amount of light that is reflected towards camera. Makes the effect stronger.

Extinction Coef - controls amount of light absorbed or out-scattered with distance. Makes the effect weaker with increasing distance. It also attenuates existing scene color when used with directional lights.

Skybox Extinction Coef - Only affects directional light. It controls how much skybox is affected by Extinction coefficient. This technique ignores small air particles and decreasing particle density with altitude. That often makes skybox too "foggy". Skybox extinction coefficient can help with it.

MieG - controls mie scattering (controls how light is reflected with respect to light's direction)

Height Fog - toggle exponential height fog

Height Fog Scale - scale height fog

Noise - enable volumetric noise

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