Item Statuses

Understand the different statuses on your items on the Curator Dashboard

An items' status relates to the upload process.

The statuses are:

  • Failed - This means your content has failed to upload

  • Uploaded - This means your content is uploaded but it hasn't started processing, it's waiting in the queue

  • Processing - This means your content has started processing

  • Staging - This means your content has finished processing and is now on our preview servers

  • Review - This means your content has been sent to review and is being reviewed by our team

  • Rejected - This means our team have rejected the item

  • Live - This means your content is on our live servers, either in the Sinespace Shop or in your Inventory

If your items' status is 'staging' you can review the item in-world on our preview servers to check it before you send it to review. To log into the preview server, open the Sinespace viewer, enter your login details and check the Preview Server box. Your item will be found in your Inventory. If you are happy with your item, click on the 'Send to Review' button.

The item status will change to 'Review'. If the item is approved by our team, the item will be pushed to the live servers and the items' status will change to 'Live'.

It may take up to 24-48 hours for our team to review your item depending on queue size

If the item is rejected, the status will change to 'rejected' and you will see a moderation reply on the item:

The moderation reply will include the reason why it was rejected and suggestions on how to fix the problem. When the item is fixed, you can send it for review again.

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