If you are selling several items in the marketplace, use this component to open the marketplace to your items.



Name or your brand


Tagline for your brand

Brand Text

Drop UI/3d text for your brand


Drop UI/3d tagline text for your brand


Select a category to be displayed


You can attach this component to an NPC or an object, in your region and it will open the Shopping window to your brand name and items can also be selected by category.

Brand Name Enter your brand name or brand name of the creator your wish to display. The shopping window will be filtered by this name.

Tag line You can set a tagline of your brand here.

Brand Text you can set a 3D or WorldUI brand name text by dropping the item here.

TagLine text you can set a 3D or WorldUI Tagline text by dropping the item here.

Category Select category you wish to display. If not category is select, all the items under your brand name will be shown.

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