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Add scene settings component

In the top menu in Unity go to Space / Scene Settings.

This will add a Virtual Goods component to your scene. You will see a set of fields in the Inspector.

You can return to this component any time via Sinespace / Scene Settings.

In the Inspector set the Content Type to Region.

Primary description

Add the name, description and brand identity of your region as you want it to appear in the explore and discovery panels of the Space platform.


You can add slots for as many different languages as you want to.

Images And Icons

If you are uploading items that will be sold as virtual goods to other Space users, add the store icons and imagery here. It is not necessary if you make the region not for sale.

Tick the "Not for sale" checkbox will not put the region in the shop and you can set an amount of the maximum one player could own. 0 by default sets the amount unlimited.

Otherwise, leave it unchecked and you can set the price of the region. You can also make it enalbe for promotion, so you can offer a discount easily instead of modify the price then reupload.

Dual Currencies

If your region is going to be for sale, allowing other users to buy it as a template they can then customise as a private region for themselves, set it for sale and set your gold and silver prices.

For more infomation on gold and silver currencies;

Currencies - Gold and Silver

Content Maturity

Choose an appropriate content maturity level;

Creator Information

The creator information should show the details of the legal entity holding the account; whether that is an individual or a company.

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