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All you need to know to get started with the Sinespace viewer

The Sinespace viewer is needed to get into the Sinespace virtual world. Our viewer runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, VR, iOS and Android. For system requirements and how to install see:

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Once you have downloaded and installed the viewer, you can choose to either log into to live or preview.

Logging into the live server will log you into our public server which all of our users use. The preview server is used by creators to review their items before pushing them to the live server.

Logging into Live

To log in to our live server, all you need is the username and password you created on sign up through our website. You can also register for an account through the log in screen of the viewer, login as Guest or click on the 'Lost Password' button to reset your password.

You can choose whether to log into the default region which is our Welcome Centre, Home region or the last visited region under the 'Arrive At' drop-down.

Logging into Preview

To log into preview, you will need the username and password you created when signing up to Sinespace, and you will also need to have accepted our EULA terms on Curator. This is needed to be able to review your items on the viewer as a creator. Please make sure to check the ’Preview’ box to log into preview.

You're all set up to check out Sinespace! To learn the basics of our viewer see:

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