Uploading Tattoos

This a step by step tutorial on how to upload tattoos to Sinespace.

1. In Photoshop or similar, open the sinespace skin texture file you want to work on (male or female) from this pack - | Download

2. Create a new layer (in Gimp make sure the layer is set to Transparency) and add your tattoo image to that layer.

3. Place the tattoo where you want it on the skin texture file

4. Save this layer as a .png or another file format that saves as transparent such as a psd file in Photoshop. In Gimp you will have to hit ‘File, Export’ then save it as ‘Tattoo_Chest.png’ for example.

5. Once saved, open Unity.

6. In Unity, create a new folder called Tattoo so you know where to find the png for the tattoo. You can do this by right clicking in the project window and hit ‘Create’ then ‘New Folder’.

7. Add the png of the tattoo to the new folder you just created. You can do this by right clicking in the new folder and hit ‘Import New Asset’ and click on the png file. OR, just drag and drop the png into this new folder.

8. In the Unity hierarchy, right click and hit ‘Create Empty’or click on 'Game Object' and choose Empty at the top of Unity. You can name this empty object to something like ‘Chest Tattoo’ or whatever you want to name it as.

9. Make sure in Transform the position is set to 0,0,0.

10. Add the ‘Clothing Item Setting’ component to the empty object by clicking ‘Add Component’ and search for ‘Clothing Item Setting’

11.In the clothing item settings, choose the right base avatar skeleton (this will be the same as the skin texture)

12. Check the Tattoo and Makeup setting under the clothing item settings. Set the settings to these:

For the albedo, drag in the .png of the tattoo.

13. Once done, add the ‘Virtual Good’ component. Once this added, drag your empty object from the hierarchy to the project window to make it a prefab.

14.Click on the prefab in your project window, then fill in the virtual good information.

15. Set the Type in Virtual good Basics to Clothing, and Category to Clothing/Skin/Tattoos then fill in the rest of the virtual good information and click auto submission to upload to Sinespace. You can check on the progress of your upload at curator.sine.space

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