SDK basics

Installing Unity and the Sinespace SDK

In order to upload custom items to the Breakroom platform you will need to obtain a compatible version of Unity 3D and installed our Sinespace SDK.

Downloading Unity

We currently recommend Unity version 2018.4.x This can be obtained by visiting the Unity download archive.

Installing Unity

Once downloaded click the next button and follow the install instructions. A standard install of Unity is all that is required to begin creating in Breakroom.

In order to start using Unity you will have first needed to register for an account using the Sign In button or visit the Unity website.

Unity is free for individuals earning under $100k per year revenue. Please see terms and conditions at the Unity website.

Installing the Sinespace SDK

Create a new project by clicking the create button and give your project a name. Make sure the 3d button is clicked and click create to startup Unity.

Inside Unity locate the Asset Store tab located along the top of the main window. Type Sinespace into the search box and click on the Sinespace icon that appears.

In the new window that appears click on the blue download icon to start downloading the SDK. When the download has completed click the blue import button to start the install.

Click the install button at the bottom of the Import window that is displayed. You are not required to uncheck any of the boxes in this window as our SDK will determine what version of Unity you are using.

During the installation process you may see the restart button appear this is normal. Click the restart button to continue the install.

The next window to appear are the assets that are installed with our SDK. Click the import button again to continue the install.

Now that the install has completed click on the Sinespace drop down menu at the top of the screen and select install editor pack settings.

Click on the Sinespace drop down menu again and select sign in to sign into the SDK. As a new creator you will be required to sign up for a creator account, you can do this by clicking the create account button in the inspector window on the right. Fill out your details in the website that appears. If you have already signed up for our creator account you can login using your username and password.

Mac users

Mac users are required to use the native mac uploader. To install the click the Sinespace menu at the top and select tools/install/native mac uploader.

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