The difference between our Gold and Silver currencies


Gold currency can be purchased with real money by users or it can be made by creators by selling items in the Sinespace shop for Gold.

Gold currency can be purchased at an approximate 100:1 ratio against the USD ($). To learn more about payouts from Gold sales, see the Payout page.


Silver currency is free promotional currency given to users as rewards for socialising, attending events or participating in various in-world activities. You can also sell items for Silver in the Shop.

Creators can also create quest and games that reward silver currency - for this you require a token from us.

Please note that Silver cannot be converted to real money through our payout system

You can set each item you want to sell to gold only, silver only or any combination of the two. To sell your items as only gold or silver only, you need to set the other currency as -1 or check the No Gold or No Silver boxes on the item Edit menu on Curator.

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