Scripting Runtime


Public Exposed Variables These are variables you want to be exposed to edit in edit room.

Component Name The reference name of your script

Source Code

Script Contents Your code.

Script Your code as a LUA file.

Script Libraries Your code functions in a text file.

Script Libraries 2 Your code functions in an LUA file.

Execution Options

Default Events Should be named functions such as OnUpdate, OnFixedUpdate, etc be handled implicitly?

Reset Behaviour: Whether to reset on scene change or not

Allow Runtime Script Editing: Allows the user to edit this script at runtime. Be aware runtime modified scripts are subject to additional sandboxing on the live environment.

Debugger Attaches the VS Code Debugger, not usable on the live server. Will work in uploads. Beware, allowing debugging will allow _any_user to debug your script. Enabling the debugger will disable infinite loop protection, and maximum execution length aborts.

Await the debugger: Wait for the debugger

Wait for Player: This script will hold execution until the player has arrived in the scene. Scripts which do setup (i.e. procedural content) may want to execute straight away.

Wait For Network: This script will hold execution until the payer has arrived and the scene is connected to the network server.

Max Script Executions Per Tick: The maximum number of script calls that can occur per frame. Use coroutines to run something across multiple frames

Index Indicates how arrays should be indexed. Defaults to Lua Standard (Index from 1).

Load Libraries Sequentially Loads libraries one at a time, which is faster and gives better debug messages, if you use local variables that span across libraries, you cannot use this method.

Unity Interfaces

Resources Here you add resources used by your script (e.i. Materials, audio files, textures, etc)

Events Here you create events that can be accessed (initialised) by your code.

Object References Here you add objects that exist in the scene that you need to access using code.

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