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The First Person Shooter system has been scripted by dotEnterprise, one of the Sinespace community developers, using the Sinespace SDK.

You can take these components and build your own projects with them. You can collaborate with other artists and developers building content with these components on the public Sinespace servers. They also provide a useful frame of reference for developing your own unique games and game components using Sinespace and Unity.

The open source FPS components enable developers and artists to create a wide range of highly customisable mutli-player shooting games and maps on the Sinespace platform.

They were created by Ulli at DotEnterprise and can be downloaded here;

Demonstration templates are also found in the Shooter folder in the Sinespace editor pack.

This video provides an overview of the FPS system and how it’s core components can be used to build an FPS in such a way that players have unlimited options for building, customising and sharing their own unique playable maps;

See the pages below for more information on the different components:

The safe zone lobby

Player spawn points

Guns and gun givers

Health and ammo givers

TrapsKing of the hill zone

Enemy NPCs and NPC spawners

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