Grid Management

Manage your grid to suit your needs

If you own a white label or grey label grid, you will be able to manage them under the Grid tab on the Curator Dashboard. The grids you own will be listed here.

Each grid you own is manageable under the Curator Dashboard, from adding users, to editing the grid information or adding permissions.

The Users button is only available if the grid is set for you to manage users manually


Clicking on the 'Users' button will allow you to see an overview of the users you have added to your grid.

To add a new user, click on the New User button.

You can add users who are currently on Sinespace, or you can make a brand new username and password for a user by entering it here. You can also select the gender of the user here; the gender you pick here will assign that gender to the avatar the user logs in with. Once you have created a user, it will appear in the list.

You can then edit the information for that user, or delete the user from the grid. Click on the Grid button to go back to your grid list.


This is where you can change certain information about your grid.

  • Grid Name - This is the name of your grid which is displayed on the grid log in screen.

  • Site URL - The site URL is the webpage for downloading your grid viewer in case of any viewer updates

  • Login Background Image URL: This is the URL for the image used on the background of your viewer log in screen

  • Default Arrival Region - This needs the region ID for the default region you want users to land in

  • Default Room Template - This needs the Room template ID for the region you want to use for the Home region.

  • Featured Regions - You will need to add all of the region IDs you want displayed under the Featured Regions tab in the Sinespace Shop.


Permissions is where you can give permissions to certain users.To add a user to your Permissions list, you will need to search for their Sinespace username or their Sinespace ID. When you have found the user, there are a few permission options you can choose from.

  • Creator -

  • Trusted -

  • Moderator -

  • Administrator -

  • Delete -

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