Preview and Live Servers

When you upload a region, the region will go through the upload process. You can check on it's progress on Curator. When it's uploaded, it will be on our preview server.

Regardless of your subscription level, you can upload as many regions as you want to the preview server.

Once on the preview server you can preview your region. If you are happy with it, you can 'Send it to Review' via curator and it will be reviewed by our review team. This review is to ensure the maturity ratings are appropriate and that nothing in the scene could crash the servers or severely impair performance for other users.

If you have a Level 5 subscription you can bypass this manual review and push directly to the live servers yourself.

Your subscription level determines the number of regions you can release concurrently on the live server.

Region Info Panel

When you are logged in to any region you can click the minimap in the top right corner to open the Region info panel for that region.

Region Access

If you are the region owner you can then modify the access permissions;

You can set the region to be public, limited to your friends or limited to specific individuals who you approve.

Approve Users for Region Access

Any user can request access to one of your private regions;

You can approve or reject their application.


In the members panel you can see who currently has access to the region and you can modify their permissions on an individual basis.

Multiple Region Management

Your subscription level sets the number of concurrent regions you can deploy on the live servers.

You can upload as many regions as you want to, and then enable or disable each region to set which ones are live at any time;

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