Submitting your region uploads it to - a preview server where content can be reviewed online before going to the live servers.



A summary of the objects and scripts in your scene which will notify you of potential issues.

  • Info

This shows how many objects, root objects and colliders your scene has. It will flag potential performance issues.

  • Script List

Space currently has a white list of approximately 120 scripts you can deploy in your regions. The script list shows all the scripts in your project, flagging the ones not currently white listed, which will be stripped out when submitted.

You can submit scripts to your account manager for inclusion in the white list. When the platform's SDK is released (scheduled for September 2016) the white list will be maintained in parallel.

Apply compression settings

Click this button to apply the Region - Platform Settings to the assets in your scene.

Once the automated compression has run you can manually adjust individual files before publishing. You might, for instance, apply 512 as a maximum image size for the WebGL version of your region but then revert one or more specific important textures back to a higher resolution.

Sort into layers

Click this button to automatically assign every asset in the scene to one of four draw distance layers, according to their size; larger objects are set to be visible at greater distances.

The draw distance for each user is determined by the quality settings they select inworld;

(Performance setting range: Fastest < Fast < Simple < Good < Beautiful < Fantastic < Ultra)

Default = 20 to 75m

Important = 80 to 320m

VImportant = 240m to 900m

NotImport = Max 30m (60m in Beautiful~Ultra)

NotImportLandmark = Max 60m (120m in Beautiful~Ultra)

If you do not apply Sort into layers button everything will be left in default layer.

After applying you can manually review and modify;

Automatic submission

Once your scene is ready to submit, click Automatic submission. This will create a zip file containing the region and will send it to the Space servers.

Here the assets will be unpacked and compiled for each of the different platforms you have specified. You will receive three automated emails; confirming the content has been received, has started processing and has been released for you to log in and review.

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