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A manual for the Sinespace virtual world platform

Sinespace is a virtual world platform for everyone. Create and customise your avatar to give it a unique look, make your home region yours by customising with thousands of furniture options or create your own content like clothing, furniture, regions and games for others to enjoy.

About this Documentation

This documentation is split into sections; there are sections for the Sinespace Viewer, Sinespace SDK, Curator Dashboard, Grids and Templates. Each of these sections has an Overview or Basics page. It is advised to read these first before diving into the subsections.

The documentation is easy to navigate, but we have added in a few highlights here and there to make it easier for you to spot things that might need extra attention. Here's how this documentation describes highlights:

A blue highlight indicates information you need to know about the current topic.

A green highlight is used for best practices.

An orange highlight will inform of something that might lead to an error or confusion.

A red highlight is a critical message - Read with special care!

Find the information you need below:

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