Avatar Effect Camera script will allow you to add a start and an end for your camera.



set camera rail path


Sets camera in relation with avatar

Tracking targets


Click on Add Component under the Inspector window, and search for Camera Follow Character in the search bar.

This component has a few settings:


Type - linear will move the camera straight from start point to end point. Rotation will move around the avatar.


The offsets allow you to place the camera in relation to the avatar. Y+ is up. Z+ is forward.

So; X0, Y1, Z2 will put the camera 1 meter above ground, 2 meters in front of the avatar.

Tracking Options

The tracking options will animate the camera in line with the selected bone (Tracking target).

Tracking Target

Start / End Avatar - For two person gestures you can move the camera target from one avatar to the other.

Start - End Target - You can move the camera's focus from one bone to another over the duration of the gesture.

For more info and examples, check here.

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