Single Person Animation


Create Gesture Prefab

In the project folder called Gestures (search for "Gestures" in project search) you will see a selection of templates you can duplicate, rename and modify.

Highlight the "Sample 1 person template" file and click ctrl D to duplicate.

Rename your new prefab in the project window, then drag it into the scene.

If you don't want to duplicate the template objects, you can also create an empty game object and then add the "Animate Single Avatar" or "Animate Multiple Avatars" components (which will automatically add the two scripts required) and then you also have to add the "Virtual Good" component.

Import FBX

When you import the .fbx file containing your animation you need to rig it.

Click the rig tab in the inspector. Set the type to Humanoid. Set the Avatar Definition to Copy From Other Avatar Select the relevant sinespace avatar as the source (click the small circle to the right of the Source field.)

Now click from the rig tab to the Animations tab.

You should be able to see your animation in the preview window in the Inspector.

You may wish to crop or modify the animation using Unity's tools in this panel; see here for more information on Unity's animation tools.

Avatar Effect Script

Set the number of participants to 1.

If your animation is specifically for a single gender then check "Is Gendered" and select Male or Female from the "Nominal Gender" dropdown.

Leave the Trigger fields empty; these will be used with multi-person gestures.

Tick loop if required; e.g. for dances. The user will be able to stop looping in-world by exiting the gesture..

Other Avatar Effect Scripts



Gestures/Take Snapshot

Avatar Animation Effect Script

Drag the animation take from within your fbx file into the Clip field.

Leave "Participant" set to Initiator.

You can use the start time to delay the start of the gesture.

If your gesture involves interaction with fixed position prop (e.g. a door handle) or with precise two person gestures (e.g. shaking hands) you may wish to tick Fix Avatar Height. This will set the user's avatar height to the standard height for avatars in sinespace.

Preview gesture in scene

Once you have added the animation track to the Clip field in the Avatar Effects Script you can click play in Unity and see the gesture performed by the model in the scene.

Virtual Goods Script

Fill out the product details in the Virtual Goods Script and submit your gesture to the staging server for review.

for more information on the Virtual Goods Script go here;

Virtual Goods

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