Smart Lights

This sample project is a panel that has switches to turn off/on and change the colors of all lights connected to it. This project demonstrates how we can achieve permanent persistence, how a World Canvas can interface with a script and a bit of networking. Creators can access and download the project files (which are open-source) and do as they wish with it.

Note: Control of the panel is limited to Owner and Admin. This can be modified in the script.

You can demo this object live by going to the Shop -> Furniture -> Search for Smart Lights (it will be under API Docs Sample Projects as creator).

How to use:

  • Download the package using the link below

  • Import into your Sinespace project (Editor Pack required)

  • The project folder will be under Sinespace Sample Projects -> Smart Lights

  • There's a demo scene in the Scenes folder

  • To connect lights to the panel, make them children of the "Lights" object group

  • In the Virtual Goods component, press Clear ID and modify the component fields with your own info

  • Upload.

Last Updated: 6/28/2022

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