Female Clothing Resource Files

Here you can find the clothing resource files for female avatars. All of the below resource file zips include an FBX of the item, TGA files for height map, normal map and occlusion and .PNG files for the patterns/textures. All of these clothing files are owned by Sinespace. We will be adding to the list when more Sinespace clothing is released.

These resource files can be used to make different pattern variations of the clothing.

50s silk neck tie

Air hostess outfit

Beach skirt

Beach top

Bikini Shorts

Bikini Top

Bikini with sarong top

Bikini with sarong

Cardigan with top

Fitted shirt

Flip flops


Full swimsuit

Leather pants

Mary Janes

Pant suit jacket

Pant suit Open Jacket

Pant suit open pants

Pant suit Pants

Patent court shoes

Patterned pants

Sexy Outfit

Silk scarf front knot

Silk scarf one tassle

Skirt suit jacket

Skirt suit skirt


sequined pants top and bottom

street female

Studded leather vest

Suede ballet flats

Thick heeled shoes

Tied jacket with vest

womens camo capris

womens emo vest

womens polo hoodie

womens shorts with cat belt

yoga pants

Vlad Outfit

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